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The issue of prison privatization has generated a great deal of controversy, but often that controversy ignores the fact    that there exists a large body of research demonstrating substantial benefits through the privatization of correctional services. For additional information, review the following links:


Association of Private Correctional & Treatment Organizations (APCTO) (
American Correctional Association (ACA) (

Additional Research Sources

Reason Foundation (
CCA research page (
MTC Institute (
Serco research page (UK) (

Private Prison Management

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) (
The GEO Group, Inc. (
Management & Training Corporation (MTC) (
Community Education Centers (
LaSalle Corrections (
Emerald Correctional Management (
LCS Corrections Services (

Private Prison Health Care

Corizon (
Naphcare (
Correct Care Solutions (
MHM Services (
Wexford Health (
Armor Correctional Health Services (

Private Prison Food Services

ARAMARK Correctional Services (
Canteen Correctional Services ( Keefe Supply (

Private Prison Transportation

TransCor (
Prisoner Transportation Services (PTS) (
U.S. Prisoner Transport (
Extradition Transport of America (
State Extradition Services (
Advantage Extradition Services (

International Companies

Sodexo Justice Services (
G4S Justice Services (
Serco (

Did You Know?

The private prison industry provides a valuable service to government agencies by allowing prison and jail systems to safely and efficiently incarcerate offenders in privately-run facilities. When public prisons or jails lack capacity, private prison firms can provide necessary bed space.
Around half of all immigration detainees are held in privately-operated facilities, which assists the federal government in fulfilling its obligation to enforce national immigration policies.


Private prisons are held accountable to the public through government contracting agencies, which require monitoring, audits and other oversight over privately-operated prisons.


Privatized correctional services include prison management, medical care, mental health care, food services, transportation services, halfway house operations, substance abuse programs and a host of other services, often at substantial savings.